Tuesday, April 22, 2014

To Publish or not to publish?

I'm once again on the road to publishing. I say 'once again', because I've been writing for decades - literally - but other than fan fiction and some poetry, I always back away from publishing at the last moment. Why? I have no idea. My family insists writing is a hobby for me, an outlet, and publishing would make it 'work'. Everyone's a psychoanalyst!  However, to be fair, I do have an unusually large collection of composition notebooks, journals, and legal pads filled with poetry and prose (and ramblings) that I refuse to throw out or even box up and store. Hmm...could they be on to something? 

Although I do already have a collection of work, I've recently joined the Facebook group Romance in a Month - (thanks, Chicki Brown!) - a free online writing class that helps with the basics. It runs May 15th through June 15th, and if all goes according to plan, I'll have a finished story to share. We'll see. I'm a Kindle-girl and will publish there first, but still navigating through all the books sites - B&N, Kobo, Smashword, etc.

As the Queen of Multitasking, while I'm writing, of course I'll still be reading.

This might be more difficult that I thought.



  1. Nah. It will be a breeze. Women are natural multitaskers. You do it all the time. To add to the psychobabble, I don't think it is the work part that is scary but the notion of success. I think I have the same fear about my web design business...but I have to get over it...that is my retirement job! LOL So I better get serious. Why not compile a book of your short stories to start...that is how I fell for Stephen King...a little bit at a time. Cheers to our dreams...and making them a reality. I look forward to reading your prose.

  2. Your family is correct about your writing becoming work once you've published it, but that shouldn't stop you. I'm sure you'll love this job more than any other you've ever had.